Bob Dylan - I Threw It All Away (Live The Johnny Cash TV Show 1969)

The Johnny Cash TV Show’s very first episode in 1969

Rembert Explains the Fonts of the 90's

It’s like the networks just gave up. All at once, as soon as the Y2K dust cleared, proving that the human race could truly prevail through anything,


POSITIVITY (in a textbox)

I’m disappointed in past me, because an extraordinary percentage of my blog posts were so negative (not this tumblr, my old blog from school days which, for fear of it’s intensity, I shall shield you from). On reading it, I could recall many ‘low points’ from my teen-ier years, many now laughable, but very few highlights, which I know there were plenty of.

In a very backwards (very ‘Ashleigh’) way, I kind of enjoyed reading how I’d handled bad circumstances and used the collaboration of memories to gauge how far I’ve now came as an individual. So doom and gloom I think we (the North East) are in our mindset; it’s always ‘nae bad’ or ‘a’right’. Our default is to voice that we’re just managing, just getting by. 

We can blame the weather (we’re negative, we probably will) but for as prosperous and blessed our corner of the world is, why do we choose to act as if we’re just managing to scrape by in life? I’m talking about myself here too, so many times I’ll become fixated and frustrated with a minute detail of my life as a whole, and let it take over the entirety of my thoughts - as depicted in my old blog.

The horrible overwhelming, sinking feeling that comes when hit with something you can’t control or figure out for yourself, still attacks me. But the main difference is how I react to those attacks. Instead of running to a website and keying out my feelings, I run to God. Someone who I had just understood and knew through other people’s views and beliefs for so long - I believed in Him but never knew Him for myself. 

But that’s not how it works. You don’t ‘know’ God through other people. That’s like saying you know Simon Neil because your pal’s met him (no comparisons there, just an analogy!) The thing people seem to miss is that God isn’t about religion; what He wants is you. For you to have a real relationship with Him - to go to Him with your problems, your needs, your life. We love him, because He first loved us. 

I could go deeper, and probably will later, just laying a foundation for my thoughts - my positive thoughts. And maybe none of this makes sense, and you think I’m a nutter - but now I know to remind myself when I get stressed or self-focused, to just zoom out a bit, put my life into perspective with the 7 billion other humans living on this planet, then come back and take another look at my own situation. The outcome is always to turn my complaint into a very big thank you to God.

Why do I worry? Why do I freak out…

P.S. Give this legend an ear -

the Dollfins

I’ll Try Anything Once (Demo) - Julian Casablancas


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Moulin Rouge… with Spanish subtitles.

'he's a vanilla rapist, get him away from the kids'


by Felicity Ieraci for STAMP MAG 


by Felicity Ieraci for STAMP MAG

least now we know the dance moves…

Salt n Pepa - Push it